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About us.

We are a full service auto body shop in Davis, CA. We specialize in Mercedes Benz, but also take other makes and models for any bodywork needs. We hold to highest standards of craftsmanship with over 25 years experience and pay attention to the smallest details. After spending over a decade at renowned German Repair Facilities, we decided to continue our Journey in Davis, CA to provide the community with excellent service, repairs, and bodywork. We are a family owned minority business from Europe and always strive to improve, learn, and advance in the auto industry with hopes to bring high quality standards of safety and operations to vehicles that our customers love and depend on. We never hide repairs, and always show-n-tell the process; even if you have zero knowledge of automotive. 

We encourage you to call or even stop by to meet us! 530-302-5075

Added Vehicles for bodywork: Only shop in Davis to take these large vehicles.

Electrical Diagnosis

Sprinter Vans and Campers