2016 Audi A3 2.0TFSI

Front aftermarket bumper repaint and customize to fit gaps correctly.

Side Note: Even though we were not happy with the quality of the aftermarket bumper cover, with extra time and love, the gaps turned out to be acceptable.

2017 Porsche Cayman

60K mile service with new Oil Separator. Not ready for the IMS yet. No aftermarket parts.

2016 Porsche GT4

Track/Street setup with GiroDisc rotors and Brembo OE pads-4 corners.

E46 M3 (All Original)

Front end refresh from road debris and a few tune-up items.

Red House of color primer, just in case any future rock chips, it will be less visible.

ATX Base coat and clear coat system from a Debilbis technapro gun 1.3tip, 3 layers of clear for durability.

This M3 will be seeing many local car shows and meets...

2019 Jeep Cherokee

Front end collision and a good one too, but not a total.

Even though we specialize in German cars, we will not shy away from other's especially when customer is seeking high quality and superb attention to detail.

All parts ordered from Jeep Chrysler, even though insurance only paid for aftermarket or used. When it makes sense, we rather go with factory OE parts.

2017 R8 and other random services and repairs.