Electrical Diagnosis & Troubleshooting

With car's becoming more computerized, it requires a change in thinking process. Our technicians use deductive reasoning with any electrical issue to find the underlining problem.

We solve some of the most complex electrical problems; many give up, but for us we have yet to see a challenge-even if it takes longer, we still solve it.

Mechanical Repairs

Outside of electrical diagnosis, follows mechanical repairs. Our technicians have over 25years of German auto repair experience between Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, and across-other makes. We never rush our jobs because quality = time, and strive to do a repair right the first time. With every auto repair in Davis, CA we perform a thorough test drive and make sure monitors are set before releasing the vehicle. Setting monitors help gauge that their are no current problems with engine management, or other mechanical modules.

Body Work

Our lead tech/business partner has over 23 years in body work. We have produced show room quality repairs/preparations/ and paint finishes that got attention from many. We do not do short-cuts, and follow strict guidelines from every manufacture. We even don't let insurance dictate how the process goes because all they want to do is pay out less. From simple fender bender, to insurance claims, or body restoration we would like to hear from you!

For Auto body repair Davis, CA call us today 530-302-5075

Performance upgrades and custom

We offer variety of upgrades and custom work, from big brake upgrade, race compound pads, or caliper color change. Please call or email to discuss your project because there is no cookie cut approach. Each project goes through several meetings and planning before we take on, unless it's simple install.